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The Wailing Wall Jerusalem , Israel

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A Prayer for The Israel Defense Forces 

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Keep your head up high
Don't leave any of your brothers behind
Keep strong and courageous in The Battles ahead .
Be brothers in arms , courageous and fearless in heart.
God is always above
With each of you .
Soldiers of Israel .
Beloved of The Most High 
Know and always know 
You are always appreciated and despite the ingratitude of this world
You always have had someone doing for all of you 
Thru Kindness of Spirit 
Soldiers of Ya'akov
God's Warriors.
God of David 
Shield you
Protect you
And grant you His Mighty Victory over all your enemies as you all head into battle .
Remember to always read The Psalms of David , God's beloved .
And remain True unto The Covenant of Your forefathers .
Soldiers of Israel .
Do not forget your brother in arms


David Simson Bar El

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An Aliyah Dream : A Dream of Returning Back Home to Israel

A Real Dream of Aliyah to Israel

So from what i recall of this most vivid of dreams, I saw myself being ruthlessly kidnapped .

Yes, I was kidnapped by none other than Joel Jasper and Dovid Gantshar of Israel National Radio's Aliyah Revolution, two beautiful olim now residents in The Holy Land of Israel .

In this most awe inspiring of dreams, I saw Dovid and Goel on my side in the back of a black SUV which I recall was heading to the LAX airport here in Los Angeles .

Yet , despite being withheld and held ransom by these two Hebrew men that live Israel , I managed to escape their clutches.

I valiantly proceed to attempt a daring get a way out of the black sport utility vehicle, where I run dearly for my life to what I see was Van Nuys Senior High School here in the San Fernando Valley , California .

Now … What comes next you ask yourself?

Goel says to his brother Dovid : Go GET HIM Dovid !

And … as I run for my life … so does Dovid run right after me, hot on my heels with no mercy of his own !!!

Dovid almost, just almost successfully grasps me back into his hands until I miraculously manage to run into one of my high school
classrooms where I safely and securely lock myself in the room away and safe from Dovid !

Sadly to say, the end comes to this most lovely of dreams when I just wake up and thank God for His  most precious and meaningful gift of a dream.

I just pray it will be a dream God considers and remembers going into the future.

So there you have it !

A real Aliyah Dream !

Wishing everyone a beautiful day and let's all make our Aliyah dreams a reality!


With God's guidance and in prayer,

Edward F. Villa

Edward F. Villa and his little niece







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