Israel’s Heroes – Documentaries

Video Series : The Lone Soldiers of Israel


Moshe Maor Jean

Daniel Mandel

Michael Levin

Ezra Yakhin



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11 comments on “Israel’s Heroes – Documentaries

  1. GREGORY GITTENS on said:

    i love you guys and Israel totally,totally consumed by love for israel i say pubicly as i say on mu fb wall and on twitter Israel lives forever this is Hashem”s land these are his people and i love them with all my heart to the IDF i am 100% with you and to your president and prime minister i support you BOKA-TOV AND SHALOM SHALOM

  2. Eis yakq on said:

    Shalom every Israeli-Jew brother and sister…it's great and inspiring when i watch such videos and stories online about my brothers and sisters from here (muslim's barbaric world)…so  i get courage and hope from it…and i hope and wish to work for my forefathers land Israel from here…

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